Expert Advice And Proven Methods To Get More Customer Leads!

Once your website is visible on Google and other search engines, then you’re a lot closer to meeting potential customers who want to buy your service or product. Getting your website high up on the search engine result pages takes skill and experience. There are some proven methods that will help you to achieve this goal. Any serious business person knows that Google can provide hundreds of fresh leads. But when you get cold calls from fake “search engine optimization” companies, how do you know whom to trust?

Getting search engine traffic for your business is both easy and difficult.

It’s easy because there are proven methods to get more customer leads from search engines.

It’s difficult because those methods are made up of hundreds of tasks.

Let’s look at some proven methods to getting more customer leads from your website’s search engine rankings…

1. Decide On Your Keywords

What words do your customers use to find you? Remember, you are an authority in your field. You know the vocabulary. But do your customers use the same words to search for your service? Use software that tells you what keywords people use to find your business services.

[color-box]KEYWORD ANALYSIS[/color-box]

2. Clean Up Your Website’s Code

Just like you can’t find anything when your house is a mess, Google can’t find your message when your website’s underlying code is a mess.  Clean the code so Google and the other search engines can see your message.

3. Embed Your Keywords Into Your Website

Search engines look for your message in specific places in your website. Getting higher search engine rankings means embedding your keywords into these strategic places.

[color-box]SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION[/color-box]

4. Create Smart Website Content

State your customer’s problem, then your solution to their problem.  Show that you know what you’re talking about. Use your keywords from Step 2.

[color-box]CONTENT MARKETING[/color-box]

5. Add Strategic Calls to Action

What’s the purpose of a website? We think that the purpose of a website is to get customer leads to call you or to write to you. Put “Click Here to Call” and “Click Here to Contact” links where your customer leads will see them and use them.

Bonus Tip for Geographic Businesses

If your business serves a geographic area, add these locations to your keywords. A dry cleaning service in San Francisco isn’t valuable to a potential customer in New Hampshire. Add your target towns to your website articles.



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