Who Else Wants Sanity Restored to Search Engine Marketing?


Can Your Customers Find Your Website?

78-85% of your customers will use the internet to find your product or service.

Cluttered closet.

I know you’re in there. But WHERE??

If your website doesn’t show up on Page #1 of the search engine results pages, their business will go to your competition.[/color-box]

You Get So Little But You Pay So Much!

I bet that you get at least one phone call a month offering you “high search engine rankings for your website.”

The cold caller brags:

“We submit your website to the search engines every month.

Cold call saleswoman

“Why would I lie?”

And it’s only $799.

Or $899.

Or $999.


To do this one, tiny, teeny little task!”


That’s INSANE!

SEO Companies make silly offers.

“Are you sure? That sounds CRAZY.”


Or, We Could Just Set Your Money on Fire

Submitting your website to the search engines takes about 45 seconds.

99.9% of the time, it’s not even necessary.

Burning money

Setting your money on fire would be less painful than waiting for results you’ll never see.

The search engines already know about your website.


Get Found Online with Prescription-Strength Search Engine Marketing

Get more leads with prescription-strength search engine marketing.

Get more leads with prescription-strength search engine marketing.

Search Engine Optimization is how your website gets to Page #1 on Google, Yahoo and Bing.

It makes your website more visible.

It pushes your website higher in the search results.

It gets you more leads.


Tired of Insane Cold Calls Promising You the Internet Moon?

Contact Search Asylum now to learn the sane way to get more leads from the web.

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