Local Search Visibility

Goal: Get more customer leads through website visibility.
Visibility: Get higher ranking for your website on Google, Bing and Yahoo.
Keyword Research: Identify keywords that customers who are ready to buy will use to find you.
On-Page Optimization: Add the keywords to strategic code and content in your website.
Optimize Place Pages: Create and populate Google+ Places and Bing Places for Business web pages for your business. Include business description and details, pictures and videos. Ensure NAP is consistent with website.
Reviews: Implement strategies to get more online reviews from current customers.
Newsletter Email List: Keep customers and potential customers in the loop; ask for reviews; promote current specials; have contests.
Directories: Create and populate directories with your business details. Ensure NAP is consistent with website.
Create shareable content
Create Branded Infographics:
Infographics are posters
Create YouTube videos
Press Releases: Create news releases that boost your website’s search engine ranking as well as bring potential customers to your website.
Blogs: Professionally-written blog entries keep your website fresh, an important search engine ranking component. Commenting on other blogs increases brand and possibly link-building exposure.
Social Media: Post highly-engaging articles on Facebook, LinkedIn… designed to get users to click through to your website.
Micro Blogging
Special Interest
Ratings Sites

Time and Results:
No one can guarantee search engine results. Only the search engines decide which listings float to the top of their result pages. But these methods are highly effective.